School’s description

Malaca Instituto is an award winning School of Spanish and is widely recognised amongst its peers to be one of the leading language schools. Dedicated to the teaching of Spanish for over 40 years, it is located in a residential suburb of Malaga, 15 minutes’ bus-ride from the city centre and 10 minutes walk to the beach. The school and its residence create a mini-campus with outstanding leisure and learning facilities.The complex includes 96 bedrooms, 25 classrooms, multi-media study centre, bar, restaurant, swimming pool, dance studio, multi-activity room, student lounge, mini-gym, 3 terraces and gardens. Our students come from over 40 different countries and can be aged from 16 – 90! All this produces a truly multi-cultural and exciting environment.The school is highly academic but you will also have a good time! We produce most of our own textbooks and supplementary materials. The involvement of our senior teachers in these projects creates a stimulating academic environment in the school and is crucial in the provision of the high quality teaching we aspire to.Our activities department helps our students get to know Malaga and Andalucia, their peoples and  traditions and also to have fun while getting to know their fellow students. The programme includes dance classes, tapas tours, cookery classes, walking tours of Malaga, cultural talks, excursions to Granada, Sevilla, Cordoba and full weekends in Morocco.In addition to the accommodation in the school itself we also offer selected host families and shared student apartments. Everyone will find accommodation to suit their tastes and pockets.Malaca Instituto has won the Study Abroad industry Star Award for School of Spanish worldwide 5 times and is therefore one of only 9 language schools in the world to have achieved Super Star status.

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Accommodation options

Club Hispanico: on-site residence with 96 en-suite bedrooms.  About half of our students stay in the Club and everyone from high school students to top executives and retired people find accommodation to suit their tastes and budget.

Shared student apartments: the accommodation of choice for long stay students from 18 to mid 20s.Host families: for those wanting a home environment.

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