Spanish in málaga

in málaga

Malaga, city of language schools, sunshine and culture
During the last 30 or so years, Malaga has always been one of Spain’s cities with the largest number of quality Spanish language schools. This implies that a lot of people from different parts of the world want to come and study here. In the last few years these numbers have been increasing. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons.
The climate is an obvious place to start: people like to come to study in a destination with a good climate. Malaga is on the Mediterranean coastline, has sunshine most days, and does not suffer the more extreme temperatures of the inland areas of Spain. This climate creates a great environment for outdoor living, whether on the beach or strolling through the historic centre or eating “al fresco” on a restaurant terrace.
But Malaga is much more than a sunshine destination. It is historic – 4000 years of history making it one of Europe’s older cities and leaving plenty of footprints – it is cultural – being the birthplace of Picasso and housing more than 30 museums, aiming at being Spain´s museum capital city – and it has the best quality of life of all the cities in Spain (Eurobarometer of the European Commission). This is a place in which it is a privilege to live and to study in! But there is so much more.

Why study in Málaga

Over the last 10 years or so, the Townhall of Malaga has evolved an urban development strategy which has made it an even more enticing destination for language study. This has included:
The result of these changes is reflected in the many articles that have appeared in the world’s press, The Guardian, The Boston Globe, The Times, etc and in Malaga being voted the place with the best quality of life in Spain and amongst the top 20 in Europe.
Malaga is also a city for youth.  Sport, nightlife, beaches, bohemian SoHo with street murals and cutting edge art …. and mostly at reasonable prices because Malaga is not a tourist resort but  rather a great  Spanish city to live in.
Add to all this, the fact that low cost airlines have been persuaded to fly increasing routings into Malaga, and you can see that not only is this an attractive language school destination, it is also easy to get to.
So, come and join everyone else and enjoy studying in the great city of Malaga!